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I am an adventure loving woman. Spiritual! Not religious big difference! Meeting new people is a passion of mine for each has some jewel of experience to share! I am creative and curious. I write, dance and sing badly in the car. Laughter is the music of my soul! I know though tears are the cleansing agents of our heart. A seeker of knowledge and wisdom. A great listener and can talk your ear off if we have something in common. I seek the moment of perfection that lies between birth and our first breathe...the moment of pure escatsy that is the craving of all souls! A simple complex woman am I!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Shekinah Rising

Lost within the umbra of
red spires rising to the sky
her soul hidden amongst the hoodoos.

Frozen in time, no present nor past,
an ecliptical spiral
Shekinah waits for the awakening.

She slumbers amongst the sentries,
as her moans ride the night winds.
A message to those who have ears
to pull back the veil of mystery.

I stand within the hoodoos embrace,
merged with frost wedged spirits,
my premunbral soul
riven by the fangs of serpentine dreams.

Shekinah calls.


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