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I am an adventure loving woman. Spiritual! Not religious big difference! Meeting new people is a passion of mine for each has some jewel of experience to share! I am creative and curious. I write, dance and sing badly in the car. Laughter is the music of my soul! I know though tears are the cleansing agents of our heart. A seeker of knowledge and wisdom. A great listener and can talk your ear off if we have something in common. I seek the moment of perfection that lies between birth and our first breathe...the moment of pure escatsy that is the craving of all souls! A simple complex woman am I!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Creak... Posted by Hello


The door opens exposing our souls,
A brief look at what lies beyond,
My breathe swirls in and out,
Haunting muse alluring me in.
Exquisite painful revelations,
The key in your hand,
Standing before you,
Naked, vulnerable, all that I am.
Moments of bliss,
Dreams of the heart,
Silky whispers,
Laughter and thought.
Cobwebs clinging to door jams,
You brush them aside,
Further you walk, curious and taunt.
Laughter so rich, I drink from your heart.
Cobwebs blow graceful,
Swirling, twirling,
Knitting two souls.
Opening doors so far and near,
Crouching, rushing behind you,
Blind to your fear,
Need engulfing reality.
Brutally slow,
Desire feed enlightenment,
Sins, dreams, beliefs,
Fathoms of self,
Scattering wanton souls,
Mirrors to each,
Where I have been,
Where you will go,
Chaotic dreams,
Seducing signals,
Mental discourse,
Fainting ecstasy,
Blind to the source.
So slow to open
You tell me your fear.
Addictive need for me,
Defenseless moment,
Straining to listen,
The door stands silent.
Frigid wind rushes through,
Alone, echoing doors,
Sultry whispers sip tears as tea,
My heart hears the creaking,
In the past forever to be….

dlt © Nov. 27 2004

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Transformation Posted by Hello

Friday, November 19, 2004

Mt. Rainer, David Bassett Artist. Posted by Hello

Haikus 8

Crouching winter dreams,
Lost days, sun hiding for now,
Blissfully serene.

Early darkness comes,
Rising, surrendering cold,
Libidinousness lives.

Cold fire burns bright,
Loins ache for dark comfort now,
Owls frozen tears.

dlt © Nov. 19 2004

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Lady Lorraine Posted by Hello