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I am an adventure loving woman. Spiritual! Not religious big difference! Meeting new people is a passion of mine for each has some jewel of experience to share! I am creative and curious. I write, dance and sing badly in the car. Laughter is the music of my soul! I know though tears are the cleansing agents of our heart. A seeker of knowledge and wisdom. A great listener and can talk your ear off if we have something in common. I seek the moment of perfection that lies between birth and our first breathe...the moment of pure escatsy that is the craving of all souls! A simple complex woman am I!

Monday, May 16, 2005

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Doused within a chartreuse morn,
Orioles dance amongst sodden pink clouds,
limbs dip towards inch worm green blades,
Black mantle, orange breast suckling sweet nectar,
cascade of pink petals meandering in ethereal rain.

Bird song filters thru lawn mowers whines,
spinning blades craving man’s perfection.
Beryl slaves rooted for decapitation,
for a false paragon.

Tiny throats burst forth a ménage of notes,
chaotic symphony breeds serenity,
wild aptness laced in bird song moments,
from conformity.

Brilliant quietude floats in chartreuse,
nature’s purity of fractal living,
No mind or thought to be as one,
unfettered desires bloom in meadows,
Naïve of the spinning blades.

dlt May 15 2005

Medusa's Chant

Metal on metal singing through the air,
closed eyes of Eve now open to see.
Haunting madness of the shackled song,
incessant humming of her mind.

Medusa’s bones chant to Paradise's prisoner,
Eve cries to a God of exiled beliefs.
Darkness circling, buried suffrage
echoing within the labyrinth of stone hearts.

Screams pour forth from the night,
pebbles line the sacred circles,
reflective pasts of beating hearts,
Lilith's song a fettered memory.

Medusa's tears plummet from the sky,
chalices overflow with sacred rain,
hardened souls of drunken men
swilling the salty nectar.

Keening squall marinates crag hymns,
clamorous cries of silent voices,
shattering Medha's mask,
spilt blood banishes synthetic creeds.

From afar Lilith whispers the name covertly cradled,
boundless garden Eden bane of restrictive gates.
Casually Lilith strolls into Eve's awaiting embrace,
labyrinth swoons as the souls of adamant men wake.

On the wings of owls, hawks and sparrows,
Medusa's hymn floats on a celestial breeze,
Lilith's slumbering soul drunk on the melody,
the spiraling gossamer of unfulfilled dreams.

Maze center drawn nigh,
mouth to mouth Eve and Lilith,
ghostly shadows Athena and Medusa,
ecliptic souls hum the chant of balanced natures.

Standing witness amongst rubble of stone,
tendrilled male hearts, a pulsing canticle.
Castrated myths of separate paths,
Sophia's veil a dissolving shield.

Medusa's head a rising moon,
harbored in the arms of Abraxas.
Immortal beauty in symmetry restored,
living within the Ouroboros.

dlt © April 19 2005